We can help your organization ANALYZE complex TECHNICAL ACCOUNTING ISSUES INCLUDING AS IT MAY RELATE TO business COMBINATIONS. WE work with YOU to offer the right solutions to the critical issues impacting your business.

We offer customized technical accounting services to address the specific accounting and regulatory challenges in your financial environment. Our professionals understand the importance of providing practical, objective, and professional answers to the specific accounting issues you face. We leverage our knowledge and experience with a variety of accounting topics to provide services that include technical advice and recommendations to identify the right solutions to your complex transactions and the interpretation and implementation of accounting principles and regulations.

We work with management and your external auditor, as necessary, to create and deliver presentations and/or memoranda to your organization and governing bodies to supplement their understanding of the technical accounting matters being analyzed. Additionally, we can partner with your organization to deliver on-site training in technical updates and specific accounting issues faced by your professionals.

Our technical accounting team delivers solutions to all areas of your financial reporting needs, including:

  • Revenue recognition including new standard implementation
  • Leases, including new standard implementation
  • Income tax accounting
  • Consolidation and variable interest entities
  • Debt modification vs. debt extinguishment
  • Distinguishing liabilities from equity
  • Embedded derivatives
  • Business combinations
  • Share-based payment awards for employees and non-employees
  • Asset retirement and environmental obligations
  • Intangibles, including goodwill
  • Drafting of financial statements, including for SEC filers

Our expertise is vast and we’d love to put our knowledge to work for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us now.