Spring feels like a distant memory as the calendars have now turned over to June and temperatures continue to heat up. However, if your company uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM you might have one last bit of spring cleaning to do. That’s because Microsoft rolled out its Dynamics CRM Spring 2016 Wave in May featuring three updates: Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update 1, Dynamics Marketing 2016 Update and Social Engagement 2016 Update.

So what can you expect from the update package? The Dynamics CRM Spring 2016 Wave contains a number of innovations and improvements with the goal of helping businesses in three key areas: transformative service, community engagement and intelligence.

It’s safe to say the company did not hold anything back in an attempt to accomplish this. Almost every aspect of the update aims to help businesses improve in the three areas mentioned above. By now you are probably wondering what can you expect when you download the latest Microsoft Dynamics CRM updates. Here are a few of the new features.

Build your own portal
When Microsoft acquired Adxstudio last year, there was a lot of buzz as to just how the company would incorporate the brand into its portfolio. Less than a year later, we now know. Microsoft is using the technology to empower Microsoft Dynamics CRM users with the ability to create client-facing portals. These portals give customers access to self-service knowledge and support resources allowing to them easily solve issues without having to directly speak with someone at your company.

You’ll also have the ability to create community and employee portals as well. The latter is a great way to allow for employees to have a single source of company knowledge while the former will let you foster a community where an information catalog can be built up over time. And while you may not think portals are that big of a deal, customers are far more likely to use the internet to find an answer to their question. Research from Software Advice showed that 73 percent of people who have a company-related question will search online for the answer first and over 80 percent of these people will spend at least five minutes searching before making a call to find the answer.

By offering a portal, you are providing customers with one more thing they want; easy, online access to answers. And with the Adxstudio portals, you can get a responsive design that works on a desktop, tablet or smartphone. If you are ready to get serious about customer and/or community engagement, this part of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM update is a great place to start.

Service reimagined
One of the biggest issues facing businesses is scheduling and managing services or projects. There are so many moving parts that it can be impossible to streamline. Microsoft tries to address this in the latest Dynamics update by integrating FieldOne into its offerings. For those who are unaware, FieldOne is a field service management technology designed to provide an end-to-end solution to this complicated process. Microsoft purchased the company in 2015 and is now putting it to good use as part of Dynamics CRM.

The new feature will help you provide service that is on-time and on-budget with your entire team staying in-sync. This is done by having a single system where sales, delivery, scheduling and billing are all easily trackable. And don’t let the user-friendly interface fool you, this is a fairly powerful piece of technology that can handle complex service projects with ease.

When Microsoft said the newest Dynamics CRM update would help users provide transformative service, they were not kidding. If you need assistance with field service management, the newest capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM are a must have.

Your very own guide
There can be no denying that Microsoft Dynamics CRM does have a bit of a learning curve. This means training new users requires a significant time investment and can even see some staff members being hesitant to give it a try. This is especially true when it comes to sales staff who believe time is money and don’t want to be spending it learning new technology.

The process is made easier thanks to the guided navigation feature that is part of the update. Personalized scenarios and tasks can be taught and reviewed on a step-by-step basis in the application which helps new employees gain hands-on experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM as well as ensuring experienced staff members can continue learning new tips and tricks. Ultimately this feature should assist with speeding up the education process and improve adoption throughout your company.

Creating perfect email marketing
Email marketing continues to be a big deal for businesses of all sizes and the latest Microsoft Dynamics CRM update improves what was already a solid feature. For starters, editing and designing marketing emails has been made easier with a number of new templates and styles now added. You will also be able to organize dynamic lists to create a more targeted campaign. For instance, you can now send out an email to any prospects who have read your company newsletter in the past three months. The options are endless and can help you fine tune your email marketing strategy.

Are you ready to bring these Microsoft Dynamics CRM updates to your business? Maybe all of this talk of new features has made you realize that it is time to make the switch today. Whether you are a large business looking for an edge or a SMB needing a little help, WhiteOwl can come up with a solution that works for you. And if you want more information about how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can work for your company, checkout our FREE on-demand webinar.