With a constantly changing job market and an increasingly diverse talent pool, it has become even more difficult to find, attract, and hire today’s top candidates. Recruiters need to know where to find job seekers, recognize their talents, and keep them engaged throughout the entire application process.

In many ways, recruitment projects are like marketing campaigns: You track leads across a sales/hiring pipeline, reel them in with constant communication, and convert them into either a paying customer or full-time employee. So just like sales departments, human resource departments can benefit from CRM software, from capturing information digitally at recruitment events, all the way to the digital application submission and e-signature.

Centralize recruitment

With CRM software you can digitize candidate information. For example, when you receive a softcopy of a resume via email or LinkedIn, Dynamics CRM can capture the time a person applied, the position they’re applying for, their desired salary, educational background, as well as their certifications, and store this data in a centralized database.

Once you’ve created an in-depth candidate library, you can then easily retrieve applications from a single search query. Suppose you’re looking for applicants with a Bachelor’s degree in business management. You’d simply need to type “business management” and “bachelor’s” to narrow down the search and fit the right candidates for the right job.

Keep track of candidates

Just like in sales, you need to keep your leads warm and track their status throughout the hiring process. With Dynamics CRM, you can fully customize a recruitment pipeline and supervise an applicant’s progress through it. For example, you can label people as “new applicants,” “ready for interview,” or “in consideration” so hiring managers know how to manage and communicate with each candidate. By tracking the hiring pipeline more closely, you ensure that processes like sending follow-up emails or calling to request more information like references are not forgotten.

Automate processes

One of the best things about Dynamics CRM is its ability to eliminate time-consuming tasks — and there are many when it comes to recruitment. For instance, you can configure CRM software to automate workflows that notify HR members when a new application has been received, or that send follow-up emails to applicants to let them know where they are in the recruitment process. With tight Microsoft integrations, you can even set it so that interviews scheduled in your Dynamics CRM software are immediately added to your Outlook calendar.

Go paperless

From the moment you receive an application to the shortlisting stage, CRM software helps you manage the entire recruitment process electronically. When you receive resumes and e-signed applications, document management systems like PaperSave will put the candidates’ information in your CRM database, allowing your HR team to access and review applications from a web browser, rather than printing out extra hard copies to pass around.

Gain hiring insight

Dynamics CRM can monitor every interaction a candidate has with your company, whether it’s social media likes, number of visits to your website, how many emails from you they’ve opened, and the number of company-sponsored events they’ve attended. This kind of data is invaluable in helping you improve future recruitment strategies. If, for example, more people with industry-level certifications are finding your job postings in LinkedIn, you can focus there for positions that require certified expertise.

Keeping a record of past interactions also provides valuable insight into what strategies, communication style, or job offers might be effective with current and future applicants. You can then replicate the same tactics to increase your chances of recruiting the next Steve Wozniak.

Refining recruitment

Talent is in short supply and the hiring market is steeped in competition. The only way to come out on top is by streamlining your talent management. CRM software does this by helping you digitally manage candidate information, process applications, keep track of potential employees, and gain some much needed hiring insight. If your company is hiring, using CRM software like Dynamics CRM during the recruitment process will be imperative to your success.

Here at WhiteOwl, we firmly believe that a company is only as good as its talent. With our Dynamics CRM solutions, you can find quality candidates that will carry your organization. Give us a call. When it comes to customizing, deploying, and maintaining CRM software, our team of professionals are right for the job.