There is a common misconception that big data, workflow automation, and customer relationship management (CRM) software are too complex for small businesses. This may have been true a decade ago when CRM could only be afforded by massive firms; but given the advancements in cost-effective cloud technologies, we believe that no company is too small for CRM software.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM, for example, gives users access to a broad range of features like social media analytics, sales and customer service automation, and reporting for only $65 per user per month. However, cost-savings is only part of the reason why CRM software is perfect for small- and medium-sized organizations.

Kick sales operations into high gear

When you install technologies capable of tracking leads across the sales pipeline, you greatly increase your chances of converting prospects. In fact, according to a study by Salesforce, CRM software can boost sales by up to 29 percent and productivity by up to 34 percent.

Though experiences may vary from business to business, cloud-based CRM solutions are generally more viable than traditional contact management systems. When a customer calls, all their relevant information is displayed on your dashboard so you spend less time searching for records and more time delivering targeted messaging.

Build strong, digital relationships

Good customer service can make a significant difference in a world that, at times, seems very impersonal. The modern customer interacts with companies through social media and mobile devices, so having a CRM system that works well in those channels can drive your business forward.

CRM software also keeps a record of customer purchasing trends and preferences, allowing your sales staff to add a personal touch to their sales calls and maintain an easygoing rapport with each client. In addition, the software can automatically schedule emails and phone calls to help you follow-up, upsell, and cross-promote services your clients need.

Spread the word about your business

Setting up a referral program through your CRM software is a simple way to expand your customer base. After completing any transaction with a customer, the system can send automated follow-up emails to inform them about your referral program and its rewards. You can then track how sales prospects heard of your business — whether from a friend, business partner, Google search, or LinkedIn — and focus your future marketing efforts on those areas.

Compete in the big leagues

When your company is competing against larger corporations, leveraging a professionally managed, cloud-hosted CRM system evens out the playing field. CRM software automates communications, workflows, and reporting so you don’t have to hire full-time staff to manage those functions manually. This allows you to spend time on more important matters like acquiring clients and innovating marketing tactics.

And since you only need to pay a small monthly fee for an enterprise-level CRM, your company can be as flexible as it needs to be, regardless of whether you’re managing a marketing department comprised of two people or twenty.

Without the right technologies, plenty of startups and small businesses fail. But those who opt for CRM solutions don’t just survive, they thrive. Contact the team at WhiteOwl to get started on your CRM journey today.