As we already know, cold calling and cold emailing has faded as a feasible way to acquire customers. While it may have worked in the past, today’s buyers are well-informed and prefer to work with firms that understand their needs.

For this reason, many businesses have turned to Microsoft’s customer relationship management (CRM) software, Dynamics 365. With its wide range of business intelligence and automation tools, sales people can find the right stakeholders, predict what they want, and deliver an effective sales pitch. And with social network integrations, sales reps can perform these tasks even more efficiently.

After acquiring LinkedIn for $26 billion, Microsoft integrated LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator tool with Dynamics 365, enhancing sales and marketing performance with the following capabilities.

Sync data

One of the benefits of integrating both platforms is you get to save time on data entry. When you install the LinkedIn plugin on Dynamics 365, all customer information, including InMail messages, account notes, mobile phone numbers, discounts offered, and contact cards are compiled together. This means your sales reps get all the information they need to deliver an effective pitch without having to switch between the LinkedIn and Dynamics 365 window.

Discover more contacts

With LinkedIn’s database of 500 million users added to Dynamics 365, salespeople can easily find potential customers. The Account Profile feature, which can be found under Sales Navigator in Dynamics 365 for Sales, provides you with contact recommendations based on the preferences you’ve set.

For example, you can specify the type of industry, job position, location, and number of employees to keep an eye out for individuals and businesses that are most likely to purchase a product or service you offer. Once you’ve found a list of potential customers, you can save their information directly onto your CRM database and plan your sales approach.

Take advantage of connections

If you don’t want your business calls to seem impersonal, LinkedIn Member Profiles help you start a conversation off on the right foot. Under the ‘Icebreakers’ tab, you can identify common interests or activities between you and your prospect. Then, with the Related Leads feature, you can find out whether anyone in your company has any connection to a potential buyer, have them reconnect, and build relationships organically.

Understand prospects

Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn integration also gives rich market insight. With access to LinkedIn profiles, you can track customer account updates, which include news mentions and any recent posts they’ve made online. This contextual information can lead to a better understanding of what your customers actually care about, informing future marketing strategies and opportunities.

Suppose a number of your LinkedIn prospects have blogged and expressed interest in a product you can provide. You can capitalize on this information by offering special promotions to increase sales and maximize your profits.

Strengthen customer relationships

Nurturing existing clients is less expensive than acquiring new ones. In fact, a study shows that increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by at least 25%. With Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn integration, companies can build strong relationships with existing contacts by helping you stay in touch with monthly follow-up messages or promotions. If, for instance, you noticed your client company has hired more employees, you can offer a special promotion on office equipment through the social media platform to meet their needs.

Although it’s a relatively new addition to Dynamics 365, LinkedIn integration has a lot of promise for increasing sales productivity. If you’re looking for ways to boost business performance, there’s virtually no reason why you shouldn’t consider Dynamics 365 combined with LinkedIn.

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