Estate planning for your beneficiaries is never an easy task. As 2016 closes and 2017 approaches, it is even a more daunting task in light of the election of a new president, as well as several recent IRS proposals that directly impact estate planning.

This comprehensive online resource will provide you with strategies that will help you maximize the assets left to your loved ones through your estate and minimize your tax obligations.

In the Guide, you will be able to explore basic estate planning tips, as well as find informative and relevant content related to:

  • Lifetime and Annual Giving
  • Generation Skipping Taxes (GST)
  • Family Owned Businesses
  • Exemption “portability”
  • Tax-smart Charitable Giving
  • Formation of Trusts
  • Life insurance
  • …and so much more!

With significant changes in estate tax laws already occurring, such as the recent repeal of the New Jersey estate tax and the IRS’s proposed changes on Valuation Discounts, proper estate planning is more urgent, and more complicated than ever before!

This guide will help you proactively find ways to maximize your estate for your heirs, while taking advantage of every tax break you’re entitled to.

Estate planning can be complex. If you would like to benefit from our expertise in these areas or if you have further questions on this Advisory, do not hesitate to contact our Tax and Accounting specialists, or call us at 1-800-239-1474.