November 7, 2017

MBAF has been named one of the best accounting firms to work for in 2017 by Accounting Today.

Being the best doesn’t come easy, and the 2017 Accounting Today Best Firms to Work For put as much effort into earning their position in the following pages as they do in serving their clients.

But while firms can specialize when it comes to serving clients – picking a specific set of services or a narrow subset of clients to offer them to – when it comes to being a top workplace, they have to be generalists.

Between massive demographic changes, major differences in generational viewpoints, and intense competition for staff, firms can’t afford to leave any stone unturned in the pursuit of a competitive edge in recruiting and retention. That means that it there’s a perk that’s popular at the firm across the street, they need to offer it; if there’s a policy that’s considered cutting-edge, they need to adopt it; if there’s a management approach that engages staff, they need to implement it.

And that means that there’s a long roster of tactics and strategies that are remarkably uniform across the Best Firms to Work For, from free food and in-office massages right up to transparency about financial performance and involving younger staff more in management.

An anonymous comment from an employee at Huston-based PKF Texas, one of the year’s Best Midsized Firms to Work For, sums that roster up nicely from the staff perspective; “The firm offers a flexible work environment, treats people as adults, trains me, feeds me, pays me well, introduces me to interesting people and challenging projects, and enjoys the best reputation of any firm in the city. What’s not to like?”

Fulfilling those expectations requires dedication, commitment and an awful lot of work, and the willingness to live up to them is what makes the 100 practices on the next few pages the Best Accounting Firms to Work For.

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