March 15, 2017

MBAF named one of the nation's top 100 firms by Accounting Today.

2017 Firm Highlights

MBAF ranked #37 in Accounting Today’s 2017 Top 100 Firms. In addition, MBAF is one of the top ranked firms in the 2017 Gulf Coast Region.

Expanding the Regional Leaders

The criteria for membership in the Top 100 Firms list is fairly straightforward: If an accounting firm meets a certain threshold of net revenue (this year it happens to be $37.7 million), then it makes the list.

With our Regional Leaders, however, there are a few more variables to consider – and that led to a significant expansion of the roster this year.

First off, the main point of the Regional Leaders is to highlight the large group of strong firms that exist beyond the Top 100, whose names may not be nationally known but that are thriving in different regions of the country. With that in mind, in the early years of the list we aimed to name at least 15 firms in each of our 10 geographical regions. Filling those slots is no longer an issue – and in many regions we’re able to go well beyond 15 list-worthy firms (both the Mid-Atlantic Region and the West, for instance, include more than 30 firms).

Nowadays, we pick the Regional Leaders based on two main criteria; We aim to include at least 15 firms, all of which achieve a level of revenue that sets them in the top tier of their region. In many areas (though not all), we’ve set that level this year (somewhat arbitrarily) at $10 million, which has allowed us to include more top firms than ever – such as Florida’s Vestal & Wiler, New York’s Teak Becker & Chiaramonte, Illinois’ CDH, and many more.

In a few parts of the country (the Mountain Region, for instance, and New England), the landscape is such that a slightly lower threshold is in order to make sure we’re including the leading firms; in those cases, we may dip below the $10 million level to include the region’s best.

With all that in Mind, we’re happy to present this year’s expanded list of accounting’s Regional Leaders! – Accounting Today.

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