April 27, 2018

MBAF Named South Florida's Top Minority Owned Business as part of South Florida Business Journal's Business of the Year Awards.

Meet the people driving honoree’s growth.

Though the CEO is often the face of an organization, successful enterprises can routinely credit their accomplishments beyond the work of one single executive. It’s a team effort. This year, South Florida Business Journal’s Business of the Year Awards reflect not one single executive’s contribution to the honorees’ success, but that of the entire C-Suite.

The stories in this section take a look at the top executives driving growth at the honored companies, and offer a glimpse into their personal pursuits, to provide insight beyond the button- down C-Suite.

Yet, all of these executives say its necessary to look beyond them to understand their companies success, no matter what the industry.

The C-Suite was magnanimous: They created the ranks of employees who are the face of their companies as the backbone of their success.

From the C-Suite to the rank and file, discover what drove accomplishments at our honored businesses and made each a Business of the Year.

The 2018 Business of the Year honorees were celebrated at an April 26 event at Jungle Island in Miami.

The Program was presented by Coastal Wealth, with corporate sponsors Ascendo Resources, BankUnited and the Florida International University College of Business.


1450 Brickell Ave., 18th floor, Miami 33131
(305) 373-5500

  • Chairman and CEO: Tony Argiz
  • CFO: Miguel G. Farra
  • CIO: Stuart Rosenberg

Tony Argiz often refers to 2017 as one of the most important years, financially, for MBAF as Al Morrison founded it almost 50 years ago. Since he became CEO in 1997, it has grown to be a Top 40 accounting and advisory firm, and has been named one of the Best of the Best firms in the country by Inside Public Accounting.

It has earned the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce’s Good to Great Award, and been named among Firms in the U.S. and the South Florida Business Journal’s Best Places to Work.

“We still remain a team and a family,” he says, “which is what I am most proud of.”

Fun Facts

  • Argiz’s favorite vacation spot is the Bahamas.
  • Farra travels to world’s wineries to grow his wine collection.
  • Rosenberg started working in the file room at MBAF when he was 15 years old.
What challenge is your C-Suite team most proud of overcoming?

When Argiz took over the firm in 1997, MBAF’s annual revenue was less than $8 million. As of last year, the firm has 13 offices and is Top 40 public accounting firm. In addition, this past year, the company passed the $100 million revenue mark and surpassed 600 employees worldwide.

What one attribute describes your C-Suite team?

We are thoughtful and care about our employees.