May 3, 2018

Automotive Buy Sell Report pays tribute to Ira Silver. 

This week we join the entire automotive industry in mourning the loss of Ira Silver, managing partner at accounting firm MBAF.

Having been in public accounting since 1982, I have no doubt that Ira has made a great number of friends and acquaintances. I consider myself one of them.

From the beginning, Ira had been a great supporter of Automotive Buy Sell Report. Not only did he contribute articles often, he appeared at our first booth in San Francisco. Despite his busy schedule he took an extra hour to give pointers on how we could increase our footprint in the buy sell industry.

His offer of assistance and insight was not unusual to anyone who knew him. Ira was always willing to help others and he seemed to genuinely enjoy meeting people.

Many others knew Ira better and I am sure they could talk more about his job proficiency, but I wanted to add a personal message.

The last time we were together was in Florida and after a couple of days he was anxious to return home to his wife (and dog). He spoke of how proud he was of his son David, now senior manager of the New York office. He was happy that he was working on the automotive side of the business.

Ira also loved his job. He was concerned by the number of people stealing from their employers without their knowledge. Cyber security was at the front of his mind at that time, which was a topic of discussion during our meetings. Ira was planning a future article for us to address this.

I have personally had a number of deaths in the past two months, including my own stepson. At a funeral this past weekend the pastor asked the following question:

“Will you leave a memory or will you leave a legacy?” I think Ira did the latter.

We would like to invite all of you who have known Ira to join us in this tribute. Please add a comment or special memory below of how he made a difference in your life or business.

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