You’ll appreciate a strong team. MBAF’s staff of professionals includes bankruptcy and insolvency professionals, business valuators, tax practitioners, forensic accountants and auditors, technology consultants, asset managers, and individuals with years of practical knowledge working with controllers and chief financial officers. Our team includes credentialed certified public accountants, certified fraud examiners, financial forensic professionals, and certified insolvency and reorganization advisors.

Bankruptcy and Insolvency

MBAF provides a comprehensive bankruptcy and insolvency service offering. Our proffesionals are experienced in litigation support and have testified or provided litigation support services in more than one thousand cases. We provide complex financial forensic assistance in highly contested cases involving both domestic and international clients. Our services can be provided to a trustee in a financial advisory role, a creditors’ committee in a financial advisory role, or to litigation counsel as an expert witness or a consultant.

MBAF’s principals have been recognized for specialized knowledge, understanding, insight, and experience in addressing financially distressed circumstances that include:

  • Performing damage computations
  • Determining fraudulent transfers and preferences
  • Identifying solvency issues
  • Compiling insider transactions
  • Evaluating inadequate capitalization
  • Compiling intercompany and substantive consolidation analyses
  • Providing forensic accounting services for litigation involving directors, officers, insiders, or creditors
  • Serving as expert witness or consulting support for economic damages or other related litigation
  • Analyzing weaknesses in opposing expert opinions and reports
  • Designing, producing, or analyzing e-discovery
  • Developing or analyzing litigation themes or forensic accounting information
  • Participating in settlement negotiations
  • Providing business valuations for asset sales or restructuring
  • Performing claims analyses
  • Performing financial feasibility and reorganization plan analyses
  • Preparing related bankruptcy schedules
Restructuring, Monitoring, Receivership, and Fiduciary

Restructuring, monitoring, receivership, and fiduciary services require professionals that have specific industry, business, and real estate experience to successfully operate or support an estate or troubled assets.

On behalf of our clients, MBAF has conducted operating business and asset sales, aided in organizational restructuring and debt restructuring, and provided crisis management support. We work collaboratively with stakeholders in designing a program that is cost effective and can meet the requirements of the distressed situation.

MBAF’s principals have worked in numerous capacities, including receivers, personal representatives, and accountants for state and federal receivers and trustees, assignees for benefit of creditors, creditors’ committees, and an inventory attorney. We have also served as forensic accountants, business valuators, asset managers, and expert witnesses in state and federal receivership proceedings.

We provide comprehensive restructuring, monitoring, receivership, and fiduciary services.

  • Asset and business restructuring services
    • Assessment
    • Strategy and planning
    • Implementation
  • Receivership and fiduciary services
  • Asset and business monitoring services
    • Appointment, marshalling, and control
    • Assessment and stabilization
    • Operation
    • Distribution and liquidation
    • Reporting to court and stakeholders
We’re bilingual in financial forensics, litigation support, and expert witness services.

Our experience in dealing with international clients makes us comfortable in providing financial forensics, litigation support, and expert witness testimony services in Spanish. In addition, we have extensive international experience providing forensic accounting services.

Our expertise is vast and we’d love to put our knowledge to work for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us now.