MBAF’S DEDICATED team can provide buyers and sellers with fully integrated services during a merger or an acquisition.

At MBAF, we help clients capture the full value expected from every transaction. We provide our clients with a competitive edge by assisting in the speedy delivery of in-depth analyses around key issues. Working alongside our clients, we help them navigate complex transaction process to capitalize on opportunities and mitigate risks.

We understand the importance of a focused due diligence including the impact on deal value. At MBAF, we are dedicated to ascertaining the preservation and the creation of value in major business transactions. We provide an objective analysis to successfully evaluate opportunities across the risk and return spectrum. In addition, clients appreciate our diverse and deep industry expertise, which often accelerates the process and enhances the final result.

Our due diligence process is designed to minimize transaction risks and maximize value.

  • We perform due diligence to analyze the target business in detail.
  • We are cognizant of tax risks present in deal structuring.
  • We ensure issues identified during due diligence are factored into deal documents.

Key M&A Services

Financial Due Diligence

  • Evaluate the quality of historical and projected earnings
  • Assess the valuation adjustments
  • Analyze revenue and cost trends
  • Analyze margins and the impact of seasonality on margins
  • Identifying the net debt position
  • Assist in analyzing deal price
  • Assist in estimating the value for disposal and divestiture of businesses

Tax Due Diligence/Planning

  • Assess the tax impact arising from a change in control
  • Assess tax exposures regarding purchase price adjustments

Vendor (Reverse) Due Diligence Assistance

  • Advice on and preparation of data room content
  • Accounting support for due diligence preparations

IT Due Diligence

  • Review and document IT systems and resources
  • Assess the IT infrastructure for stability and scalability
  • Assess the efficient use of technological resources
  • Review IT policies to evaluate the internal controls

Sale and Purchase Agreement Review

  • Structuring the purchase price adjustment mechanism
  • Agreeing net asset or normal working capital targets
  • Accounting policies and definitions for the agreements
  • Accounting warranties and indemnities

M&A Accounting

  • Advice on completion mechanics and drafting of accounting clauses
  • Conversion on opening balance sheets to acquirer’s GAAP
  • Assist in purchase price allocation, valuations, and accounting

Our expertise with mergers and acquisitions vast and we’d love to put our knowledge to work for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us now.