WhiteOwl’s CRM solutions extend the value of the microsoft Dynamics CRM platform to accommodate relationship management activities beyond traditional sales and marketing.

WhiteOwl can help you create a robust system to manage your sales process and deliver an amazing customer experience.

Is your sales team still tracking leads using a spreadsheet? Are you missing an on-demand view of all the follow-up activities in the sales pipeline?

As your organization grows, it’s time your sales team stores prospect interactions in one convenient location accessible to everyone in the organization. Using Microsoft CRM, our CRM solutions help bridge the gap between sales and marketing, in addition to other areas of the company that manage customer information.

Learn more about WhiteOwl’s CRM Solutions and our CRM Starter Kit for small and medium-sized businesses.

WhiteOwl is the technology affiliate of MBAF. WhiteOwl developed PaperSave, a document management, electronic workflow and transaction automation system. We’d love to put our technology expertise to work for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us now.